Clothing Collection  2020

Who am i?

I'm an artist based in Portugal, where i explore Nature through art. Black and White are every and no color and a big chunk of my work. Some of you might know me for my Tattoo Designs, apart from that i do original Artworks and prints that are available at my Etsy shop. 

Due to my passion towards Mother Nature my materials, when possible are all eco-friendly and so is my studio as it is an important topic for me.

A virtual Voyage to the wonders some of this artwork hide. 
Self curated Virtual Gallery that i have the pleasure to present.
-Surreal Nature (2019-??)
-Nature Wonder (2020-??)

I professionally Design Tattoos with exclusive rights.
Here's a Gallery of said work, with unique Nature Desgins i curated to view.
(none of the Designs present are available to tattoo)
 you can although, commission an original Design.

Do you like my art? 
Why not having it in the places you love most or being the best gifter in your friend circle? Take a look, i'm sure you'll find something you enjoy!


The Dark Side of Nature

After drawing their logo, the dark side of nature and me have been working together and will be releasing some winter sweatshirts very soon, stay tuned!