- Originals n' Prints - 

What materials do you use?

I work with both digital and traditional mediums, although I would say I work traditional for the most part. This is how I proceed;
I sketch with an HB pencil, I make some rough lines to understand composition and placement so I'm not very worried about the pencil quality, therefore I'll use whatever I've around, after that, I do a more elaborate sketch that will look closer to the final result, this I draw with my mechanical pencil (sakura125 with 0.5 B graphite) and finish with black ink pens on paper and then I scan the result, and transpose it to the computer where I make some mild adjustments for a cleaner aesthetic in Photoshop, then I place my traditional yellowish background and logo in a template I made in Illustrator.

Is your work Eco-Friendly?

Yes, whenever it's possible I work with a selection of eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials as this is an important topic for me since my art revolts around the theme of nature. I use recycled paper and sketchbooks and am on the demand to find plastic free pens that stay up to my standards as well as cellulose paper.

Do you print your prints?

I've recently started working with linocut, a traditional way of printing so those I make all from scratch. The other prints I have are printed at a trusted graphic that I personally go to in order to assure quality. All the other items, such as apparel, stickers and such are ordered from printful and other trusted companies that I've met over time.

My Art

- thoughts  and ideas-

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration?

As you might have noticed a big chunk of my art revolts around the theme of Nature and I'd say that's what inspires me the most. I've a huge passion for botany and phytotoxicology (the study of poison found in plants) and even before I started working with The Dark Side of Nature I love the darker themes happening in nature, like small curiosities that peaked my interest, for example, I remember reading in an article about Rat King, after seeing a picture of it I knew I had to draw it. The Dark Side of Nature page is definitely a go to place for me to get inspired to do my bigger pieces, books of plants and hikes also make a great combo to go hunt for ideas, I also follow a handful of amazing artists that inspire me every time I see their work.

How did you find your style?

It was a rocky road as I really struggled to find one instead of letting it come naturally. I persisted on trying to paint on acrylics and oils while I was sketching with my black pens to plan the paintings without even realizing that was the most fun part. Once I did, I started focusing on it I tried to push further, by starting to work on bigger and bigger projects, (currently I work with A1 because it's the biggest size to fit my studio's desk).

Do you work with colors/why do you work only Black and white?

Well, even though technically I do, I really don't. I don't use colors not because I don't like them or working with them, but because I value them way too much. I studied color and experimented a lot with color and the biggest issue I've seen was that a representation of a color would never look as good as the real thing being portrayed, even after trying better quality pigments or extracting pigments or even looking at photos I never liked the colors as much as my eyes see them in reality. This is nothing but a personal issue and is the biggest reason why I work with black and white and tones in between. I do have some older pieces in color, as i mentioned before (some paintings) and from time to time I do play a bit and doodle with them.

Purchasing Art

- Including shipping info-

Do you collect Art?

I do, and I think it is very important as an artist who sells art. It's importance comes in a variety of reasons, for starters it supports the Market, as it is very hypocritical for artists to try selling art without buying it shows lack of belief for a market they claim to support as well as lack of appreciation for art in general. Another big reason to buy art is understand how the market works, how other artists are taking care of orders and the art itself to be shipped. And finally is a long term investment, as I'm not only buying an aesthetically pleasing artwork for myself but also buying an asset that could increase in value as the artist progresses.

When buying your art, what can I expect?

When buying my art you can expect the artwork itself packed in neat conditions as I'm always on the look out for the best aesthetically pleasing and durable ways to package my art pieces. All my artworks in the exception of extras (apparel, stickers, seeds and others alike) contain an embossed stamp with my logo to certify it is a Guilherme Pantoja Art piece signed . I also like to include some extras in every package as I believe every unboxing should be an experience rather than just a boring unpacking, but that I'll leave you to find out!

Do you accept Bitcoin?

Currently as I'm writing this I'm exploring that option so I can confidently say that yes I will accept Bitcoin as a form of payment in my website. I strongly  believe on cryptocurrencies potential in the future market world and once more I have to support my beliefs!

What forms of Payment do you accept?

I accept the most commons ones in my shop, Paypal, Bank transfer, Visa card and Bitcoin. For commissions I use Paypal only.

How much do you charge for commissions?

For commissions my prices vary and depend on the pieces themselves, so the best way to get a price range for the thing you want to commission is message me your idea. We will then talk a bit about your idea / concept so I can learn more about it and calculate the best price range for you.