Jardim Botânico de Lisboa

This was the very first Botanical Garden i went to explore. I had no idea what to expect, since i had never have been to any other before, although i had in the back of my head the idea of an uthopic place far away from all the urbanism that surrounds Lisbon, that would get you lost in a vast dense colorful vegetation from all around the world.


My mother was the one who suggested me to go visit this garden, i had asked her where could i go see flowers and plants and she pointed this place out, said it was beautiful and had enough variety to feed my hunger for nature, little did i know it would only get me more curious to see more.

I went with my girlfriend Diana who shares the same nature love as i do and loves to go out and explore, together we took the subway to Rato, after a 10 minute walk proceeded. The way to get there is really easy, it's basically straight foward no turns. Once we got there there was a huge main gate right in front of the main road. Once inside, we're met by a nice lady who hapilly gave us a map with the layout of the park. The first thing i noticed was the sound of the birds, they were all around and immediately fluded me with relaxation, it was so peaceful.

Back at this time i hadn't started my Uthopia Contrasts Collection, so i was in the process of investigation of the ipomoea family (glory mornings). Right at the begining of the trail i spotted one, at the time i wasn't reall sure if it was a glory morning or not, it was (ipomoea purpurea) the most common species of the ipomoea family!

Once we went deeper into the park, the idea i once had of a dense vegetation was now brung to life! It was a well organized large ecosystem that was held in that park. Unfortunetlly we went in September wich means that most flowers hadn't bloom, maybe now in April as i write this it's much more colorful! 
The whole park was really big, and as we went down it would get bigger and bigger. The overall landscape architecture was really well organized as previously mentioned, the trails were dirt roads with small rocks,it had sort of a rustic vibe to it, it seemed like it used to have this little waterfalls that went down along the trails but that were now dry. 

In the center of the park that was a beautifull bridge, that went across a little pawn but made a very light and peacefull natural ambient. There was shade all around although little spots of sunlight would come through the wholes between the leaves of the trees.

Contrasting with the nature elements there were little statues of organic beings, mostly mushrooms, can't tell exaclty each ones yet, as i'm still learning their species. There is also a place in the midle that resembled a greek ancient theatre that i was told was for some shows that they held from time to time.

Overall it's a beautiful park that i would recommend you to go to! It's definetely a way to spend a fun and different evening. If you're visiting Lisbon, love nature and have some spare time, definetely worth to check out!


*I would like to apologise for having only a few pictures to show, but at the time i hadn't in mind doing a bloggish avaluation of the parks i'd been to, so i was more concerned on enjoying the experience. Although in my latest trips i'll make sure to have a larger image report over the places that i'll include in a Photo Album at the End of wich Garden, Thank you for Reading Hope You Enjoy. Stay Wild!*

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