Intervention Art


This took me 8 hours to make but only 45 seconds to burn. "Amazonia" is my latest piece, and it's not meant to stay. There's no planet B, and while the corrupt systems of Brasil claim the causes were purely natural, meteorologists around the world tend to disagree, Hayle Brink from CNN said that the fires were "definitely human-induced". The fires are still burning and like many other natural catastrophes we tend to look at them like pop subjects. We notice, share and ignore. Act for Amazonia! Doesn't matter where you are, the Earth is what we have in common. If you want to take some action, there are plenty of ONG's dedicated to the cause, i really love Amazon Conservation Association, although there are many more that are dedicated to this cause. Of course i realize not everyone as the possibility of donating, and would still like to help. You can still help with apps like Giving Assistant which donates a small percentage of the money on online shopping to an ONG of your choice.

About the piece: it was A1 size (594 x 841mm). Done with sakura micron 0.8 and 0.1 Jacksons Art indian ink On Eco-friendly paper (50% coffee cup waste) from Artwayltd.

Also Huge thanks to my fellow colleague and friend Miguel Fernandes for the aid on video editing, make sure to check him out!
*I'm not sponsored by any brand listed above*

Europe, CoronaVírus​ 

 Europe was highly affected and we could clearly see and learn from Italy, numbers are still rising although i believe that we'll soon see a decrease on those numbers due to the early lockdowns. Times are changing, but one thing i'm certain, when all of this passes we have beautiful gardens out there awaiting for us. Nature is healing from all the pain we as a whole caused to it. So respect your laws and play smart, stay at home and soon we'll be able to return to our gardening and hiking days!

About the piece.
It's an A1 size paper 594x841cm//23.4x33.1"
Acryllic on Recicled paper from @artwayltd (not sponsored just love their supplies and highly recommend them specially if you're in the UK) and Gold Foil 24 carats of gold.