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What does this box contain?
It contains 200 Marigold Seeds (Tagetes patula) on a vile glass jar along with a linocut print of a marigold flower, along with some instructions for the best results  germinating this plant. I also like to include a few suprises in every box!

I counted the seeds myself, so if for some reason one is missing or you have one more, excuse the human error. 

The print is made in a collection of vintage papers of 70g the collection includes korean events, architectural books, time stave and weekly nespaper, I'll ship this randomly, although if you want a specific one reach out to me on instagram or email me using the commission form, above I've posted images of the prints I've available at the moment. 

Size of print:
-Size: 18.5x13.1cm (A6) // 7.2x5.1"
-Black lino stamp ink over Toned Vintage paper with vintage prints.

Artwork by Guilherme Pantoja
Sales of artwork do not transfer copyrights.
© Guilherme Pantoja-Creative Art 2021

Marigold 200 Seeds and Print Box

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