Unique art|40 x 30 cm

Was very fortunate to recall that someone had offered me a flat canvas, personally i've never painted on one, so i thought it would be a nice experience to experiment this new surface, even thought it's basically the same as a regular canvas only lighter. 
The colors are a high contrast of a reddish pink that smoothly fades with a cold winter blue. The overall look it's this oriental feeling that it gives, instead of painting cherry flowers i chose this blue poppy's flowers. 

Acrylic on Flat Canvas 
Blue Poppy Flowers Over an Abstract Background 

Oriental Lights

  • I do not take responsability for any damage done during the shipping of any of my pieces. I'LL TAKE THE BIGGEST CARE TO PREVENT ANY DAMAGE, MAKING SURE EVERYTHING IS WELL SEALED AND SECURE. Besides the package it self, there's nothing i can do.