Unique art|40 x 30 cm

In this piece i've reused the mint green color for the background, as i've used it in "Nature Blossom". For it's shapes, a neutral purple with some magenta and white tones. The minimalistic shapes are balanced so they don't play a role too big in the painting since the main focus is the sunflower. I've chosen a sunflower since yeallow was a color that went along with the mint green. Also, recently i was in Amsterdam in the Van Gogh's museum, and was very disapointed about his sunflowers. 

Acrylic on Flat Canvas 
Sunflower over a minimalistic abstract background. 

Van Gogh's Dream

  • I do not take responsability for any damage done during the shipping of any of my pieces. I'LL TAKE THE BIGGEST CARE TO PREVENT ANY DAMAGE, MAKING SURE EVERYTHING IS WELL SEALED AND SECURE. Besides the package it self, there's nothing i can do.